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Tel : +33 3 22 26 70 90

Mob : +33 6 99 79 36 67

Let’s walk around in the countryside
with pack saddled donkeys!

The friendly companion will set the rhythm of your walk, and be a tender companion, sometimes stubborn, but also very endearing.
You’ll go and hike with it and young children might enjoy a well-deserved break on its comforting back (under parents’ responsibility).

Under booking: departure at 09:30 AM and 02:30 PM. Take a look at our agenda to check for availability.

Several trails are available.

Location d'ânes à la journée

Courageous and Effective, he will take you anywhere...


Intelligent and dynamic, she has some personality...


Young and lovely, cute little ball of fur ... but he cannot go on his own yet


Quiet and sweet, adoptive mom for Gribouille. Ideal for families...


hard worker, he can carry heavy weight ... and sensitive, he likes when being spoken to…


tender and hardworking, he’s a cool dude

Day rental

Half day rental


1/2 day
Full day
1 donkey
35€ 60€
2 donkeys
60€ 100€
>2 donkeys
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+ Animator
+20€ +50€
Group 10 pers & up
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* General rental conditions :

  • You have to be covered by liability insurance contract (because the donkey is under your responsibility, Art. 1384 and 1385 of the Civil Code).
  • A rental agreement will be signed between you (landlord) and Escap'Ânes (lessor) after taking knowledge of general rental conditions.
  • A deposit of 200 € will be required for the donkey and its equipment.
  • The donkey can carry up to 40 Kg (including equipment), i.e. luggage or child weighing 30 kg maximum, still under your responsibility.